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Biography of a Piano Teacher

My name is Sadie Shipp, and I was born Texas, 1997. I have lived most of my life in Montgomery, Texas. As the second oldest of a large family, I grew up with twelve siblings. We were homeschooled, played outside in the woods, learned how to bake and so forth. I have the fondest memories of my childhood.

After those blessed years of childhood, I graduated high school and then enrolled in Lonestar Community College graduating with an Associate of Science Degree, Cum Laude. During my college years, and after taking education classes, I realized that I wanted to be a teacher. For three years, I taught elementary school curriculum to a homeschool family.

When I was sixteen, my sister and I received a beautiful keyboard for Christmas. The following year, I started taking lessons at Arbor Music, where I now teach.  I was taught how to play and read sheet music and after taking lessons for fifteen months, I had advanced to a mid-intermediate level. As my life got busier, I paused and was not able to practice. During this time, I started teaching my siblings how to play and realized that I loved teaching piano. I resumed practicing piano and advanced farther in my personal lessons to become a more experienced pianist and a better teacher.

I began advertising to teach beginner in-home piano lessons and quickly acquired students. I would often go to Arbor Music to buy my students’ piano books. One day, the owner of Arbor Music offered me a soon-to-be vacant studio room as a platform to teach. Ironically, this room was the room of my former teacher. I gladly accepted the offer to come in on a later date for an official interview and assessment. I have been teaching beginner and mid-intermediate level students at Arbor Music since November 2019, as well as in-home students. 

My life is not completely revolved around the piano, although I do practice and try to improve my own skills. I love traveling, sewing, listening to music, attending piano concerts, photography and spending time with family. I stay quite busy pet sitting year-round and teaching my students how to play the instrument I love; hopefully inspiring them to become better musicians. 

Thank you!

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