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Grand Piano or a Keyboard

Last week, I started teaching a young student who wants to learn how to play the piano. Quite new to the instrument, they did not yet own a piano or keyboard. This has happened to a couple students, understandably. Then, I am asked where they might purchase a nice keyboard that will be suitable for beginners that will not break the bank.

The dilemma with purchasing a piano versus a keyboard is, of course, pianos can be quite costly. To have a real piano or to have inherited one from a relative is a great gift. It is a beautiful instrument, and the sound is spectacular compared to a cheap keyboard. But logically, for a beginner it is not necessary to purchase a grand piano. There are some great keyboards that work splendidly and sound perfect. The only downside of purchasing a good keyboard is if the electricity is lost in a thunderstorm, you cannot entertain the rest of your family and friends.

When purchasing a keyboard, there are only two thing that are needed in order to have the full experience of learning how to play. Weighted keys (when you hit the key forcefully it is loud, and gently it is a quiet tone) and a pedal. That is pretty much it. Size could be considered. If it is a full length, 88 keys piano, that would be ideal, though not necessary for beginners. In the future, a nicer piano could be easily purchased for an upgrade. When starting out, for any age, you do not know how long the student will truly be interested in learning and practicing. Also, no one would not want to waste money on an expensive instrument that will only be played for a couple months.

So, the interest in lessons is there and you need a keyboard. One that has all the features you need are quite easy to find, as there a numerous makes and models to choose from. Yamaha, Casio, Roland... So many. I personally have a Casio Privia PX-870 and its perfect. It sounds beautiful and it has weighted keys and pedals. It was a Christmas gift a couple years ago, so if you purchased the very same keyboard in the newest model, it might look slightly different because they are newly made constantly. A button shifted to the right a couple inches, or a changed color on a feature. Since there are so many, it is difficult for me to find a good quality keyboard, make and model to recommend that will suit my students' budget/efficiency AND that it is currently being created and in stock at a certain store. They sell quickly and things change fast. I recommend going to Facebook Marketplace to find a good slightly used keyboard. Chances are their child did not like the piano as much as they thought they would, and it is just sitting there collecting dust. Just make sure you have weighted keys and a pedal, and you are set for success. You could also go to a music store or your local Guitar Center or even Amazon. They have new ones with everything you need, and they are not expensive at all.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is interested in learning how to play and now know what is necessary to be on a keyboard to be successful. Though, you do not need weighted keys and a pedal on a keyboard to learn piano, you'll be missing a couple key parts on the music pieces.

Thank you so much for reading. Keep practicing! May you have a blessed day and sincerely, thank you!

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