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As a teacher, I always try to help my students with any extra resources that will help them to learn the content in the most efficient way, and in a way that they can understand. Some students need visuals, and some others might need to be shown the concept a few times for things to click. Of course, I've had students that it took a couple weeks for things to make sense to them and they were able to master a certain topic. This is where you might start to think, am I doing something wrong? Is there something else I should be doing? Whatever the topic may be, just be patient and provide all the help and guidance

you can. Patience is the key to teaching. You might try other techniques in getting a subject across or maybe even doing something totally different to help the student understand. When growing up and doing school at home, my mother always used to say, "Use your resources". That will always be remembered. With teaching piano, I have not had too many difficulties in getting the subject matter to click, even for little pianists; just being patient and consistent. Now of course for most, if not all, visuals help tremendously, along with other techniques. This page I use the most for all ages. I have a few printed so students can take home and hang in front of their little pianos, and I also have one laminated that I use quite frequently during lessons. * I did not draw the illustrations themselves, I found them on google images and created this little sheet. * Hopefully it can help, and maybe it can be of some use to you as well.

Piano Staff
Download DOCX • 77KB

May you have a blessed day and sincerely, thank you!

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