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Teaching Beginners

It's been a while. So, let us talk about something I thought of quite recently. I’ve been teaching piano for a few years now. Most of my students were beginners, and I was their first instructor. The other students, with different circumstances, I received when they had a little bit of experience. It is quite easy to start with beginners because they do not have much knowledge of how to play the piano. This gives you the responsibility of creating a good, solid foundation of music with the correct way of playing certain notes, making sure they understand the beginnings of reading sheet music, etc. Considering this, you do not want to confuse beginner students and mess up the future of their learning of the piano. If you were to teach anything differently or the incorrect way, and the student had to relocate to a different state or switch instructors, the new teacher would have to go back and reteach the content. Unfortunately, this has happened a couple times before for me and it can be perplexing. I simply focus on how to get the student back on track for learning how to play the piano correctly and promptly to make up for lost time. Not that there is any rush in learning how to play, you merely would not want to waste anyone’s time. Even if you are teaching something else, the same concept applies. If you are going to do something, do it right the first time.

I updated the TOP SONG OF THE MONTH. Quite an interesting find. It was used as an audio for a social media post, and I found it very majestic and really makes you want to listen to this uprising cover. This video was filmed back in 2019, so a little bit older. However, it was still a stunning minute to listen to. Click the picture below to check it out!

Thank you for reading! Practice, practice, practice. The most common phrase "practice makes perfect" seems to have changed to "practice make improvement" which I find more applicable. The piano pieces you practice might not be perfect, but it can be improved. This was a short one but have a great weekend!

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